Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Summer Touch

This song is called "A Summer Touch" It's a short tune I wrote about one of my first serious boyfriends. I was SO totally smitten at the time and when I am like that I produce songs like crazy. When I'm in this smitten-ish state I am also a random giggler. I'll be alone in the shower washing my hair or alone grocery store picking out cucumbers and I'll just giggle. HA HA HA Everything is fun when you are in love. "Shampoo! Good morning!" "Cucumbers, so lovely to put you in my plastic bag that I can't find the opening to!" For me to laugh out loud doing everyday tasks means I am falling in LOVE. I'll just think of that person in random places and get so happy that I giggle. Have you ever laughed alone in the car while driving because you are so in love?:) I think that's one of the best feelings ever. Anyway, back to prolific-gooey-love time. I usually can't keep up with myself at those times! I'll be writing three gooey love songs at a time.;) heheheheehe I actually wrote the lyrics to "A Summer Touch" in a creative writing class at The University Of Southern Maine. I almost ALWAYS write piano parts and lyrics at the same time, so this was very different for me. 
Here are the lyrics: 
You have a summer touch
A trail of sunlight where you kiss
You remind me of lazy days and lemonade
You have an afternoon gaze
I take a nap inside your eyes
You remind me of blankets in the grass and sleeping in the shade
You have a starry night kiss
I fall into the sky 
You remind me of a slow dance to a sweet song

So many beautiful blessings your way and much love!:) 

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