Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lighter Than Air

I actually rarely tell people what this song is about because it's pretty personal. Also, no one ever guesses right what it is about (not one person, yet!) so I prefer for people to keep their own idea of what it is about for them. :) Sometimes I think about if in the future I get to make a real music video about it (for VH1 or something!) would I expose the true meaning of the song and totally put myself out there with this very personal thing, or would I just make it a obscure or something.. If I think it will help people to reveal the meaning in a video, maybe I will. Helping people comes before privacy for me, in a lot of cases. Sometimes I am brutally honest in my tunes and it feels a tiny bit scary.. but I want to be honest and bold. It's important to me... and it feels right. :) Ok, off to do some work. Lots of love! Rachel Bachel 

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